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Language on the Move 2022

Publicado en Language on the Move el 29/12/2022

We wish all our readers a peaceful and healthy New Year!

It is our pleasure to share “Outcry for Freedom” – our talented team member Dr Shiva Motaghi-Tabari’s new song, which is dedicated to people everywhere seeking freedom and justice.

Below you’ll find a list of our 2022 blog posts so that you can re-read your favorites or discover new ones.


  1. Ingrid...
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Editor’s note: In this reflective post, Dr. Loy Lising shares how she balances the multiple demands placed on academics. As academic workloads have intensified, many feel that the balancing act between teaching, research, and service has become ever more challenging.

Loy is perfectly placed to model this balance, as she was recently recognized with a 2022 Lighthouse Award for a staff member who, in an exemplary fashion, models the values of the Faculty of Medicine, Health, and Human Sciences at Macquarie University.


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Prepositions are the unnoticed and underappreciated workhorses of language. They are “grammar words” that indicate relationships. Essentially, their job is to connect other words with bigger and more important meanings. Because their meanings are fairly general, prepositions rarely change, and they rarely move from one language to another.

Despite being ordinary and unremarkable, a little Persian preposition has caught international attention over the past three months: “baraye” (“برای”), which means “for, because of, for the sake of.”

What makes “baraye” special?

As you might have guessed, the sudden explosion of “baraye” onto the global stage is connected to the ongoing protest movement in Iran, and its brutal repression – similar to the...

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Congratulations to Language-on-the-Move...

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For an older English-language version of this post,...

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It is probably the least intuitive way of describing accountants, but...

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