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3rd UCY-LC International Forum of Young Researchers: Multilingualism in the 21st century: Instruction, Interculturality and Integration 
Language Centre - University of Cyprus 
Ciudad   País   Fechas 
Nicosia  Chipre  7 de junio de 2018 
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The Language Center of the University of Cyprus is pleased to announce the 3rd UCY-LC International Forum of Young Researchers that will take place in Nicosia on June 7, 2018. The theme of the 3rd forum will be "Multilingualism in the 21st century: Instruction, Interculturality and Integration". The purpose of this forum is to promote, disseminate and favour the exchange of results obtained by young researchers from different disciplines that directly or indirectly engage in the study of languages and literature.

​We invite contributions from any field of Linguistics and/or Literature, and we are particularly interested in studies that explore the many interferences and interrelationships between the various languages. The speakers will discuss the influences that are established between various languages, in many fields:
Languages in contact.
Multilingualism in Europe.
Multilingualism in the past and the present.
The languages of the Mediterranean.
Contact between minor and major languages.
Official languages and dialects.
Language and political discourse.
The language of immigrants and refugees.
Teaching of second languages or foreign languages.
Literature in foreign or second language teaching.
The importance of the mother language in foreign language teaching and learning.

The meeting is aimed at young researchers: those who are undertaking a final research project for their undergraduate studies, pursuing their graduate studies in order to obtain their Master?s Degree, at the stage of preparing their doctoral thesis or PhD holders in their first 5 years of their academic research career. Communication can be submitted in English, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Turkish. 
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