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Depends on qualifications.


ork Technical College, a member of the South Carolina Technical and Comprehensive Education System, is a public, two-year institution of higher education that offers a variety of associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates. Through maximizing student success, the College seeks to contribute to the economic growth and development of York, Lancaster, and Chester counties and of the State.  

The Spanish Instructor performs the following functions:

  • Teaching Performance: Provides students with appropriate course materials (syllabus, calendar, policy statements or guidelines). Adhere to course competencies in the preparation and delivery of quality instruction. Be organized and prepared for classes. Teach and test relevant content. Pace instruction and vary delivery to meet different learning styles. Provide appropriate and timely feedback. Maintain a positive environment for optimum student performance. Provide for and value appropriate student input. Maintain accepted standards of achievement.
  • Student Advisement: Provide appropriate academic guidance. Maintain office hours and be available during assigned and optimum times for advising. Cooperate as part of the advising team for the program. Assist students as possible in setting and meeting short and long-range educational goals. Take advantage of advising training. Learn and use computer resources to access data and properly advise students. Be knowledgeable of institutional policies, procedures, and programs. Make referrals and conduct follow-up as appropriate. Use discretion in dealing with confidential information.
  • Instructional Development: In coordination with the department manager and other faculty, prepare and maintain competency-based course syllabi and support materials for all courses. Assist with selection of textbooks and other instructional resources.
  • College and/or other Community Service: Promote the College as possible. Assist in recruitment and placement. Cooperate with and participate in projects and activities of the College and as appropriate in the community. Serve on advisory committees as requested. Promote and support the continuing education program of the College. Maintain a cooperative working relationship with College personnel.
  • Professional Development: Seek ways to keep current in the teaching field. Develop an annual professional development plan (with short and long-range goals) in keeping with the College’s mission and institutional goals. Participate in appropriate courses, seminars, and workshops especially those that introduce new ideas or practices.
  • Instructional Management: Maintain required and appropriate records and files. Submit all reports in an accurate and timely manner. Practice effective classroom management. Prioritize duties and use time wisely. Maintain current files for courses. Handle student work and records in a professional manner. Performs other duties as required.


Minimum and Additional Requirements
Master’s degree in Spanish or master’s degree in related field including a minimum of 18 graduate semester hours in Spanish. 

Preferred Qualifications
Previous teaching experience preferred.

Cómo solicitar 

Apply online.

Applicants indicating degree(s) on the application are required to provide unofficial copies of transcripts in the application process and official transcript upon hire.