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Buckingham, Louisa 
A multilingual didactic approach to idioms using a conceptual framework 
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Language Design. Journal of Theoretical and Experimental Linguistics, 8  
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Expresiones idiomáticas, unidades fraseológicas, vocabulario 
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Idioms are widely recognized to be a stumbling block in the acquisition of a foreign language; it is often maintained that their ‘arbitrary’, language-specific nature makes them difficult for learners to understand and acquire, and resistant to translation. Notwithstanding, the contribution of phraseological language in general to achieving a high level of communicative competence is widely recognised (Lattey 1986; Nattinger & DeCarrico 1992; Howarth 1998; Littlemore & Low 2006) and proficient non-native speakers of any language may be complimented on their command of appropriately idiomatic language. Indeed, lexical and phraseological competence may be claimed to make a greater contribution to achieving proficiency in a foreign language than grammar. Littlemore & Low (2006) demonstrate how metaphoric competence contributes to all aspects of communicative competence (grammatical, textual, illocutionary, sociolinguistic, and strategic competence) and argue in favour of its incorporation in language syllabi from the low levels. The current question is thus not so much whether but how to incorporate idiomatic language. 
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