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Llovet Vilà, Xavier 
Language Teacher Cognition and Curriculum Reform in Norway: Oral Skill Development in the Spanish Classroom 
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Acta Didactica Norge, Vol. 12 n. 1 
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    2018  25 
Profesor, investigación 
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To better understand language teaching, there is a need to carry out research on teacher cognition, that is, to find out what teachers know, believe, and think, how they access these cognitions, and how they draw on them. This study examines how the intended curriculum reform is implemented in the Spanish as a second foreign language classroom in Norwegian lower secondary schools. More specifically, the study focuses on how teacher cognition about language teaching and learning shapes the development of oral skills. Using a mixed method research approach, seven Spanish language teachers in 8th grade were initially interviewed, thereafter observed for four consecutive lessons, and finally interviewed again to gain further insight into the rationale in their teaching practices. The data analysis manifested a gap regarding the curriculum intention and the implementation observed. In the articulation of the principles of their teaching, teachers provided evidence of the ways in which their prior beliefs about language, teaching and learning from schooling, and professional teaching experiences powerfully influenced the extent to which they implemented the curriculum. This study highlights the need (1) to reconsider the design of current pre-service language teacher training programs, (2) to provide continuous teacher training and teacher development opportunities to in-service language teachers, and (3) to clarify both the intention and the operationalization of the language subject curriculum reform if it attempts to bring about change. 
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