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VV. AA. 
Second Language Teaching and Learning with Technology: Views of Emergent Researchers 
Libro (en el caso de capítulos) - Revista (en el caso de artículos) 
Thouësny, Sylvie y Bradley, Linda 
Editorial   Lugar   Fecha   Páginas  Dublín  2011  229 
Aprendizaje, CALL, enseñanza, TIC 
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The idea behind the very first book project of Research-publishing was targeting young researchers, having just completed, or nearly completed their Ph.D., with a research focus on language learning by means of Internet technology and web-based computer applications. Also part of the idea was making the book easily accessible for anyone on the Internet. Since the book deals with research studies of web-based language learning, the nature of the content embraces the openness of the Internet. This is why it is digital rights management free and accessible online, free of charge.
Our aim with this book is to present innovative applications of technology in second language teaching and learning, as well as to explore the transformation of the different techniques to different theoretical frameworks. It has also been desired to have a representation of researchers from different parts of the world as contributors. When the reviewing process was finished, there were nine selected chapters from seven different countries: Canada, Finland, France, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, and Singapore. Thus, the chapters of this book consist of the work of eleven young researchers within the field of netbased language learning. These nine chapters all deal with topical areas of Internet-based CALL.  
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