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Employability for languages: a handbook 
Libro (en el caso de capítulos) - Revista (en el caso de artículos) 
Corradini, Erika; Borthwick, Kate y Gallagher-Brett, Angela 
Editorial   Lugar   Fecha   Páginas  Dublín  2016  209 
Aprendizaje, enseñanza, trabajo, universidad 
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Languages sit firmly in the skill-set of the 21st-century graduate. In an increasingly multicultural and multilingual job market, monolingual graduates are at a disadvantage: as the recent Born Global report (2016) notes, ?multilingualism has now become the new normal?. The contributions in this collection are imbued with this idea and they demonstrate clearly and practically how languages are an aid to global communication.
The aim of this book is to provide a space to bring together expertise and good academic practice for the benefit of educators and academic audiences. We therefore hope that the contributions in this collection will continue to inspire practitioners in the education sectors to embed employability skills into their curricula of studies, from as early as secondary school into higher education. 
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