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Associate professor in Spanish with particular focus on specialised language and translation  
University of Aarhus 
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Aarhus  Dinamarca
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17 de junio de 2017  17 de julio de 2017 
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The associate professorship is a permanent position starting on 1 January 2018 or as soon as possible thereafter.

The Place of employment is Jens Chr. Skous Vej, 8000 Aarhus C.

We are looking for a dedicated applicant who can focus on Aarhus University?s core activities in the fields of research, education and knowledge sharing. The successful applicant will work at the Spanish section of the School of Communication and Culture and will have the opportunity to participate in one or more of the school?s research programmes.

The successful applicant will be expected to research in the field of specialised language ? in particular specialised translation with the focus on legal translation between Danish and Spanish ? and will therefore be expected to be able to document research results in this field. Research qualifications and competences in related areas of linguistics will be an additional advantage. Experience of international partnerships and participation in research collaborations are also important parameters.

The successful applicant will be responsible for teaching specialised Spanish language and specialised translation between Spanish and Danish, including legal language and translation. Teaching will also be required in related areas such as financial language, Spanish grammar and proficiency in general. Applicants must master Danish at a level which enables them to adopt a contrastive approach to Danish and Spanish.

Applicants must have experience of teaching and supervision corresponding to the experience gained during an assistant professorship, as well as a PhD or corresponding academic qualifications in specialised translation or another relevant area.

If the successful applicant does not speak Danish, he or she will be required to acquire sufficient Danish within two years of commencing the appointment to participate fully in the activities of the School of Communication and Culture. In order to maintain and develop the department?s excellent research environment, the person appointed is expected to be present at the department on a daily basis. Participation in the daily life of the department is a high priority, and we emphasise the importance of good working relationships, both among colleagues and with our students.

For further information, please contact subject coordinator Helle Dam Jensen (tel. +45 87165083 or email, or head of department Sven Halse (tel. +45 87163526 or email:

For further information about the application procedure, please contact HR supporter Helle Sindal (email: 
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