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Instructor Faculty-Spanish 
University of Idaho 
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Moscow, ID  Estados Unidos
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15 de abril de 2018  29 de abril de 2018 
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Modern Languages and Cultures is looking for a full time instructor to teach 3-4 Spanish language courses each semester, both on the Moscow campus and on-line, and to train, supervise and coordinate 3-4 beginning Spanish-language international instructors. This position is also the dual credit liaison with high schools teaching dual credit Spanish courses.

Education and Experience:
- Masters in Spanish, Second-Language Acquisition and/or applied Linguistics by the end of fall semester 2018
-Graduate course work of 18 credits (minimum) in the fields described above and demonstrated near native fluency in Spanish and English
- Minimum of two years' experience teaching Spanish on the post-secondary level
- Minimum of two years' experience teaching Spanish online
- Minimum of two years' experience supervising and coordinating beginning Spanish language instructors
- Demonstrated ability to utilize technology in communications, assessment, teaching, and learning
- Knowledge of technology and its role in education (e.g., TaskStream, SmartBoard, Blackboard, Blackboard Collaborate, MSOffice Suite). 
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