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Spanish Ab Initio 
Armand Hammer United World College 
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Montezuma, NM  Estados Unidos
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20 de junio de 2018   
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The United World College-USA is seeking a full time Teacher of Spanish as a Second Language. The teacher will be responsible for teaching International Baccalaureate Spanish Ab initio.

Applicants should hold a Master's degree in any of the following: second language acquisition, foreign language education or in applied linguistics, and have a minimum of three years of teaching experience in this field.

Favorable consideration will be given to applicants with experience in residential school settings and who are willing to be fully engaged in residential life and experiential education.

Instructional Responsibilities

IB Spanish Ab initio: Language Acquisition (Group 2)
A full-time Spanish Ab initio teacher at UWC-USA teaches 4 classes of Spanish Ab initio; this teacher typically teaches both first- and second-year students, but this may fluctuate, depending on the needs of the Spanish department.

Course Content and Assessment
The teacher is responsible for covering the required course content and assessing student performance based upon a standard set of requirements and criteria provided by the IB. The teacher is expected to provide students with the necessary skills to complete the Internal Assessment by the school's internal deadline. Teachers are to complete the marking of all IAs before 1 April, enter the grades into IBIS, and upload the required sample.

Extended Essays (EE)
All teachers are to supervise up to 6 Extended Essays per year. The EEs are research topics developed by students which result in essays of approximately 4,000 words and involving 4 to 6 hours of work each for the supervisor. There are 3 mandatory reflection sessions that must be completed.

Grades and Reports
The teacher will compile grades and write a narrative report for each student in their classes at designated times of the year. Teachers are to track attendance in the approved school platforms.

References and Recommendations
All faculty are to write letters of recommendation to colleges and universities on behalf of their students, at the student's request. Most students need at least 2 recommendations in the application process. While it is reasonable to present students with criteria or guidelines, teachers should keep in mind that limiting the number of recommendations that they write puts a burden on their colleagues.

General Responsibilities

Full-time faculty serve as official advisors to a group of 10-12 students. However, UWC-USA is a place where student-faculty relationships are expected to be extensive and meaningful.

Experiential Education (ExEd)
All faculty members each year sponsor two activities that fulfill the ExEd requirements of UWC-USA. At the end of each session they are responsible for writing a narrative report that explains the activity and, where appropriate, the contributions of individual students. Faculty also assist with student generation of digital portfolios. In addition, all faculty are expected to participate in UWC Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and the Annual Conference.

All faculty members shall assist in transporting students as needed. All faculty are expected to follow UWC-USA's Vehicle Safety Policy.

Residential Life
All faculty members are involved in residential life during their tenure at UWC-USA. All faculty who have been provided with school-supplied housing will be expected to accept appointments serving as a Resident Tutor or Assistant Resident Tutor for two (2) consecutive years on a rotating cycle, as needed.

Weekend Duty
All faculty and staff who have school-provided housing (regardless of location of that housing) are expected to assist with weekend duty up to five weekends per year.

All faculty are to attend all faculty meetings and department meetings. Faculty are also required to attend weekly assembly/forum.

Orientation and Post-Graduation
Faculty participation in Orientation in August is critical to the success of the program. All faculty participate in several aspects of orientation.

In May, after Graduation, the first-year students have one week of culture-building and academic activities. Faculty will be involved in the design of the week, and are to participate in the activities.

Southwest Studies and Project Week
Southwest Studies and Project Week are week-long educational excursions that take place in the fall and spring, respectively. All faculty are to participate in one or both of these trips.

UWC-USA is an international boarding school. It enrolls 230 students in grades 11 and 12. All students follow the IB Diploma program. Roughly twenty percent of the students come from the USA; the remainder represent over 85 different countries. Students are admitted on the basis of merit.

An application, a letter of interest specific to the position, resume and a list of references may be emailed to Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. UWC-USA is an equal opportunity employer.

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