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Associate professorship in Spanish Studies 
University of Conpenhagen 
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Conpenhague  Dinamarca
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16 de septiembre de 2018  27 de septiembre de 2018 
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The Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies, Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark, invites applications for an associate professorship in Spanish Studies to be filled by 1 February 2019 or as soon as possible thereafter.

Applicants must account for their qualifications with regard to research and teaching related to the history, cultures and civilizations of the Spanish-speaking world. Importantly, applicants should cover two or more Spanish-speaking countries in their teaching and research. As a further requirement, applicants must have the ability to teach a number of different disciplines taught at the department. To this end, applicants must document a high level of proficiency in Spanish (written as well as spoken Spanish). Knowledge of one or more languages studied at the department is considered an added value, as the department favors interdisciplinary research and teaching, for example European Studies, Latin American Studies and the post-national field.
The associate professor is expected to be able to take part in all the activities of the department, including examinations and administration. The duties of the position are evenly distributed on tasks related to teaching and tasks related to research (including relevant administration and knowledge-sharing). Hence the assessment of applicants? qualifications will assign equal weight to documented competences in the field of teaching, pedagogy and didactics as in the field of research, research collaboration and research organization. Applicants with documentation of excellent teaching skills including experience with development of teaching and with experiences and reflections on how most effectively to integrate research and teaching activities will be given priority.
Within a reasonable period of time (max. 2 years), non-Danish-speaking appointees are expected to acquire proficiency in Danish sufficient to be able to interact with colleagues and students.

Qualification requirements
Applicants for associate professorships must have qualifications corresponding to at least the level attained on successful completion of a tenure track assistant professorship. They must be able to document the following:
- A minimum of four peer-reviewed articles in academic journals, at least one of them at level two (The Bibliometric Research Indicator (BFI)); or a monograph as well as two articles, at least one of them at level two; or similar publications
- Advanced teaching qualifications: Teaching and Learning in Higher Education programme (or equivalent experience) and a teaching portfolio that documents varied pedagogical/didactic practice (both class instruction and individual or collective supervision) See also Educational Charter here and Pedagogic Basis and Guidelines here
- Well thought-out research and teaching plans. The research plans must include considerations concerning external dissemination activities and social impact. The teaching plans must include considerations concerning how the applicant intends to maintain and develop their pedagogical/didactic competencies.
- Participation in relevant and strong Danish and international academic networks, preferably in both research and teaching.
- Good citizenship: interest in and commitment to the maintenance and enhancement of a collegiate community and an academic environment in which approaches to educational questions, the development of research and external contacts are based on solidarity.
All of the above mentioned criteria must be met. It is also an advantage if applicants have experience of obtaining external funding, alone or together with colleagues.

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