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Spanish Teacher for IB board, IGCSE board and Spanish Intensive Programs 
JHP Education Foundation, TGES Wadi School 
Lugar   País
Rajkot  India
Fecha de publicación   Fecha límite
20 de noviembre de 2018  17 de diciembre de 2018 
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Salary (per month): aprox. 1800 $ per month = 122 000 INR per month.
Contract: Minimum one year contract starting from 20th of January 2019

Experience: Minimum 1 to 2 years of experience in IGCSE board and/or IB

Education and skills:
- ELE Master degree
- Advanced Level in English
- Advanced Level in French is a plus

Brief description :
- Teach Spanish to teachers
- To assist in developing a French and Spanish Immersion Programme
- To assist in the teaching of Social Studies as NLD in Spanish
- To assist in organizing and conducting workshops on Interculturality
- To participate in and assist in organizing extra-curricular cultural events
- All associated tasks as considered necessary and appropriate
Working terms and conditions
- Working Days: 250 days approximately in a year + 5 training days
- Physical Presence: 8½ hours per day inclusive of breaks
- Training hours for growth and development: 100 in an Academic year. This will generally be beyond duty hours or on holidays.
- Staying back and late nights for extra and co-curricular activities and extended days for field trips are integral to education and you may expect reasonable demands in this area. JHP sets rigorous standards in its entire holistic programme.

Contact: Damien Remonté
Head of the Foreign Languages Department
Mail :

Being available Immediately. 
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