30th Anniversary Conference ALA 2024 - “Language Awareness, Education, and Power”


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07 al 10/07/2024




Due to the inherent multilingual and multicultural nature of many classrooms around the world in very often monolingual and monocultural settings and contexts, the role of which language to use, to teach and to learn has re-gained new and important relevance. This issue is directly related to the issue of power and ideology. It is therefore time to have a closer look at the intricate interplay of factors contributing to the relationship of language, education, and power and to discuss these issues in depth.  

The ALA 2024 conference will offer symposia, workshops, roundtables, paper presentations, and poster presentations and accept proposals related to Language, Education, and Power in the following areas:

  • Language Awareness in Language Education,
  • Teaching and Learning Language Awareness and Global Citizenship: Language Awareness in Political Institutions and Democratic Decision-Making Processes,
  • Language Awareness and the Media: Language Awareness in the Digital World,
  • Language Awareness and the Workplace: Language Awareness in Business, Marketing and Health Care,
  • Language Awareness, Media, and Artificial Intelligence,
  • Critical Language Awareness and Language Awareness and Decoloniality