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Upon initial employment, full-time faculty members are placed on the salary schedule based upon years of experience and education.  Initial salary placement for experience can range from $55,070.00-$82,863.00 per year.  

For the current salary schedule and information on salary placement visit our website at

Benefits include a choice of medical plans, dental coverage, vision, sick leave and an optional tax deferred flexible benefit plan.  Coverage is offered for employees and all eligible dependents. 
Academic employees participate in the State Teachers’ Retirement System, a defined-benefit retirement plan through the State of California.


Southwestern Community College District (SCCD) is seeking a full-time, tenure track, equity-focused faculty member committed to serving its culturally diverse student population.
Southwestern Community College District seeks faculty who will foster an inclusive learning environment through equity-minded teaching, leadership, and service to students working toward goals of university transfer, associate degree and certificate completion, employment advancement, and personal growth.

Under the direction of the Dean, basic assignment will consist of teaching courses in the Spanish curriculum.  Full-time faculty responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following: teach all scheduled classes and maintain office hours; class preparation; curriculum development duties; assessment and evaluation of students; student performance monitoring and record keeping; attend meetings pertinent to discipline/division/college; involvement in selected staff development and/or extracurricular activities. Maintain professional associations and connections with professional community.  Active involvement in peer evaluations and peer mentoring is also required.

Successful candidate may be assigned to any of the campus sites (Chula Vista, National City, Otay Mesa, and/or San Ysidro).


Knowledge & Abilities:
1. Subject matter preparation:
a. Experience in teaching undergraduate Spanish for non-native and bilingual speakers
b. Experience in developing fully online and hybrid courses with accompanying OER (Open Educational Resources) materials

2. Evidence of ability and effectiveness as a faculty member:
a. Understanding of, the role and purpose of the community college.
b. Ability to evaluate one’s andragogy and its effectiveness in facilitating student learning.
c. Ability to use teaching methods that engage racially, ethnically, academically, and culturally diverse students; promote critical thinking and emphasize cooperation and collaboration.
d. Sensitivity to, and respect for a rich and diverse academic environment, inclusive of students, faculty, and staff of varying social, economic, cultural, ideological and ethnic backgrounds, and those with disabilities.  
e. Commitment to collegiality and collaboration by working as a team with faculty and staff enhancing instruction, curriculum, and student success; as well as in the planning of class schedules and teaching rotations.
f. Knowledge and practice of culturally responsive pedagogy and andragogy that supports student-centered, self-reflective, and student-capable approaches which includes a wide range of institutional delivery systems.
g. Ability to teach online courses effectively.
h. Commitment to professional responsibilities and associations outside of the classroom through contributions to the department, division and college activities.

Minimum Qualifications 
Master’s in Spanish
Bachelor’s in Spanish AND Master’s in another language or Linguistics
the equivalent
a valid California Community College Credential in Spanish.

Desired Qualifications:
The ideal candidate will demonstrate the following desired qualifications:

  • Commitment and success working in a diverse and multicultural community.
  • Experience and expertise in culturally responsive teaching in the discipline.
  • Experience and ability to address equity gaps within the discipline in the classroom.
  • Knowledge of what it means to work in a designated Hispanic-Serving Institution in regards to institutional, department and instructional practices.
  • Successful experience teaching elementary, intermediate and advanced Spanish courses as well as courses for heritage/bilingual speakers.
  • Experience developing teaching hybrid and/or online Spanish courses with accompanying OER materials/ Zero Textbook Cost.
  • The ability to use the latest instructional technology and teaching methodology in second language acquisition to enrich classroom instruction and promote communicative and intercultural competence, in all levels of Spanish.
  • Knowledge of the culture, history, and linguistic varieties of different Spanish-speaking countries and the Mexican Border region.
  • Willingness to present at meetings, seminars, conferences and/or departmental workshops. 
  • Interpersonal skills, proactive approach and collegiality necessary to help maintain a strong Spanish program and to collaborate with professionals in the field at other institutions.
  • Commitment to working effectively and harmoniously with colleagues in an environment that promotes teaching, learning, service to students and student retention. 
  • Willingness to become involved in the daily affairs, growth and coordination of the department and participation in campus affairs with increasing levels of responsibility. 
  • Experience and/or interest in providing Study Abroad opportunities for our students.
  • Experience creating and implementing work-based projects.

Candidates must exhibit an appreciation of, a sensitivity to, and respect for a rich and diverse academic environment, inclusive of students, faculty, and staff of varying social, economic, cultural, ideological and ethnic backgrounds, and those with disabilities.  Experience working in a community with a similar diversity pattern as is found in the service area for Southwestern College is desirable.

Cómo solicitar 

All application materials must be received on-line at Position is open until filled. Applications received by the first screening deadline of  11:59 p.m. on Friday, January 28, 2022 are guaranteed to be reviewed by the selection committee. Any application received after the deadline is not guaranteed a review.

Cover letter that includes discussion of the following questions as well as the job duties listed in the announcement:
a. In your experience, what are the most effective strategies for supporting students who have been under resourced?
b. Think of the most successful class you have taught.  What were the key factors in creating that success for diverse students?
c. How is your teaching approach culturally-responsive to the students you serve?

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