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Salary commensurate with  experience.


Teach the assigned sections within Spanish Language department. Verify proper placement of students throughout the entire drop/add period in consultation with your course coordinator. Know the course objectives are for all levels and prepare students to meet course objectives by covering all the contents specified on the syllabus. Familiarize yourself with the Curriculum 2000 Foreign Language Requirement and Foreign Language at Duke. Teach exclusively in Spanish at all levels. Require student participation and communication in Spanish. Make sure that all exercises are effective. Work under the standardized conditions of the SLP. Proctor students in your sections who have SDAO-granted accommodations requiring extended time and extra resources for exams. Use SAKAI for your courses on a regular basis. Post homework assignments and guidelines, exam information, activities, and links to websites relating to class activities and of general interest for the promulgation of Spanish culture. ?Contribute materials to the Instructor SAKAI sites for your course and the general SLP. Check and respond to your Duke e-mail on a daily basis. Attend section meetings and participate fully in writing of common exams for the courses you are teaching. Carefully read and critique all parts of every common exam by taking the exam as if you were a student, identifying potential problems, and reviewing answer keys and proposed point values. Foster a positive classroom environment and inform your coordinator and director of concerns in a timely manner. Grade all work according to the criteria established for the course, including following the same grading scale as all other sections. Adopt a process writing approach to writing which involves feedback on multiple drafts. Return oral and written assignments with feedback in a timely manner. Respond in a timely manner and by the deadline to all University requests, including submitting mid-term grades and final grade reports to the Registrar, and distributing mid-semester and end of course teaching evaluations. Keep updated electronic and hard copies of all course records. Set, post, and be present at office hours. Complete the Self-Assessment modules including identification of goals, class visits, and reflection on student evaluation by the dates specified on the Self-Assessment forms. Attend the one-week Fall Orientation Workshops and the one-day Spring mini-Orientation to provide important training and preparation for teaching and must be attended in their entirety. Attends all mandatory workshops and training sessions related to language pedagogy, and other workshops, conferences, and trainings at Duke. Complete self-assessment forms and elaborate reflections on Student Course Evaluations (dates specified on self-assessment forms). Arrange meetings as necessary with the Spanish Language Program Director (LPD) to discuss pedagogical and classroom concerns.       


Master’s in Spanish Language and Literature, and one (1) year in teaching Spanish language.

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Email resume to carla.sturdivant@duke.edu and reference: Lecturing Fellow – Spanish.


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