English and German native speakers learning Spanish as an additional language; Spanish native speakers needed for research in Linguistics

We are looking for adult volunteers to participate in a study on the acquisition of Spanish as a second language by English and German native- speakers. The requirements are:
- Native speaker of English who is learning/speaking Spanish as an additional language.
- Native speaker of German who is learning/speaking Spanish as an additional language.
AND your level of Spanish is at least B1 or B2 (intermediate or advanced)
- Native speaker of Spanish.
We are interested in better understanding the linguistic intuitions of Spanish learners.

This is a computer-based survey, and your participation would involve (1) one session of approximately 10-15 minutes. It will require speakers or headphones. If you are interested in participating, please follow this link to the study: https://research.sc/participant/login/dynamic/0A66B82A-0C74-438F-99E4-6ACEFD7CE8EE

If you would like more information about the study or require assistance, please contact the graduate student researcher, Astrid Achury, at astrid.achury@usask.ca, (in Spanish or English) or the faculty supervisor, Dr. Bettina Spreng at bettina.spreng@usask.ca (in English or German).