Curriculum Designer and Teacher for MFL (Preferably Spanish)




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WA Payscale M1 to U3 (£34,772 to £54,016) + Extra Responsibility Allowance


We are seeking to appoint an outstanding teacher of languages to join our friendly, dedicated and highly successful MFL department. Our teachers share a passion for working collaboratively and creatively in order to provide a stimulating and meaningful learning experience for our students. 

As an IB school, language acquisition is an integral part of the curriculum as it reflects the IB’s emphasis on a holistic education which develops inquisitive, open-minded and internationally-minded citizens. At Westminster Academy we  teach Spanish, French, German and Arabic with all students continuing the learning of a foreign language to at least GCSE level. Many students benefit from achieving an additional qualification in their mother tongue with some finishing Year 11 with as many as three foreign language GCSEs every year. The Academy has an IB-only sixth form in which all students continue with the study of a foreign language. Consequently, all learners - from Year 7 to Year 13 - study languages in their main curriculum. We are proud to be the London Centre for Languages and Cultures hub school, an initiative which promotes intercultural awareness and the study of languages at university.

Our MFL Curriculum and Pedagogy

Our core aim is to foster a love for language learning and develop life-long language learning skills. As such, we endeavour to make the study of a foreign language a fun and positive experience and equip students with the necessary tools to reach their full potential through both a collaborative and independent learning environment. 

The emphasis on the development of students’ communication skills, as well as the understanding of the principles underpinning language development work, stands at the core of our teaching and learning approach. Grammar is taught explicitly in the curriculum so that students improve their fluency and accuracy both in speaking and writing, and become more confident when dealing with unfamiliar language. All units are designed to guarantee a balanced coverage of all four skills, ensuring that frequent opportunities to revisit and build on prior knowledge are embedded in our practice. We aim to employ a high level of target language use so that students are exposed to the most authentic experience possible. 

As an IB school and a multi-ethnic community where more than 70 languages are spoken among the student body, students are encouraged to broaden their horizons by learning about and appreciating the cultures associated with the language being studied. We believe that the use of authentic materials is a powerful and engaging way to nurture students' interests in other cultures, reflect on their own, and strengthen their overall development as global citizens. 

The ideal candidate will be able to:

  • Under the leadership of, and in collaboration with the Director of Learning, develop curriculum intent within the area, informed by and supporting the academy’s ethos and vision.
  • Develop Curriculum Overviews within the curriculum area that sequence enduring understandings across units of work, years and key stages and exemplify enquiry questions and key terms.
  • Develop unit plans for each unit of work within the curriculum area, informed by analysis of curriculum impact and school-wide priorities, including personal development and CEIAG.
  • Report on the development  of the curriculum to senior leadership.
  • Review curriculum documentation on an ongoing basis.

Candidate Information Pack


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Please send both parts of your completed application form to:

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WA Application Form S22 Part 2  

Please note we do not accept CVs.