Journal of Spanish Language Teaching




2324-7797 (print) - 2324-7800 (online)


The Journal of Spanish Language Teaching is a new peer-reviewed journal that provides an international forum for innovative research, methods, materials and theories on the teaching and learning of Spanish as a foreign language. The Journal's main purpose is to create a dialogue between researchers and practitioners worldwide in order to enrich a discipline that is experiencing tremendous growth. The Journal invites contributions from researchers working on topics related to the teaching and learning of the Spanish language at any educational level and in any setting.
The Journal will publish original research papers as well as book reviews. Periodically, it will also consider monographic issues and critical surveys of recent research related to a specific sub-discipline or geographical area. A thorough peer review process will be applied to both commissioned and unsolicited articles. The Journal of Spanish Language Teaching will constitute an essential journal of reference in the field. There is currently no other academic publication dedicated solely to the teaching and learning of Spanish, which exists in both print and electronic formats, and is global in its reach. Targeted at both academics and practitioners, the Journal aims to have a major impact on the discipline.

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