13th International Columbia School Conference on the Interaction of Linguistic Form and Meaning with Human Behavior


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18 al 20/01/2023





Columbia School linguistics offers a radically functional conception of language, which is seen as a semiotic system whose structure is shaped both by its communicative function and by the characteristics of its human users. Grammatical analyses account for the distribution of linguistic signals as an interaction of their linguistic meaning with pragmatic and functional factors such as inference, ease of processing, and iconicity. The signals of meanings can be lexical roots, grammatical affixes, and particular configurations of syntactic orders. No assumption is made that linguistic utterances are manifestations of sentences or sentential categories. Phonological analyses explain the syntagmatic and paradigmatic distribution of phonological units within signals, also drawing on both communicative function and human physiological and psychological characteristics.


At this time, we are planning a hybrid Conference in-person and streaming online.