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MMM23 Final 8 songs

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 15/03/2023

If 16 songs and 3 weeks were too much, then maybe the Final 8 songs and a week and a half tournament is just for you. And if the timing is right, it might be a perfect way to cruise into Spring Break.


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MMM Links and Raffle

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 17/02/2023

How close is March 6?  SOON! And so for our 10th year, we are hosting our biggest raffle yet! 



  hours  minutes  seconds



Before we get to the prizes and how to enter, here are some necessary links:

  • ...
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Playlist and resources for MMM23

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 27/01/2023

Our playlists are out! You can listen to the 16 songs by the 23 artists who have been selected as finalists for the 2023 song of the year in our 10th annual March Música Madness tournament. With over 2 billion streams on Spotify and 1.5 views on YouTube these songs were chosen because:

  • They are current: All songs from the past year only.
  • They are from well-known artists: Famous artists that are famed in the Spanish-speaking world, with one emerging artist.
  • They are popular songs. These songs can be heard on the radio and are listened to by native speakers.
  • They represent a range of diverse artists and a variety of genres.


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Save the Date: March 6

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 17/01/2023

World Cup a week away

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 12/11/2022

The event of the year is getting closer. Anticipation is building. If you haven’t put up your World Cup groups and bracket yet, it’s not too late. The first game kicks off on November 20 with 3 more on November 21. This is the first ever year that this event takes place during the school year.

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Halloween Vocab Idea

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 27/10/2022

Looking for something fun and silly to do with your Spanish class for Halloween? Want to teach some Halloween related vocabulary? This activity involves using staff pictures and asking the students what they think each teacher should dress up as.

As the students think of fun costume ideas related to each teacher, you can show some options. Insert teacher’s faces (I copied my coworkers images from our School website) and cropped them. Use the “Remove Background” feature of Powerpoint when you insert an image and remove everything except their face. Then position their face over the face on the costume.

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4 things you may have missed

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 14/09/2022

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an update, so let’s take a look at a few new things you may have missed from us.

  1. The World Cup is taking place during the school year for the 1st time ever  (November 20 through December 18) which means that Spanish teachers are getting excited to have lessons about the event. Collaborate with fellow profes here or get a ready to use unit, “Copa Mundial 2022: Qatar World Cup
  2. Our Ice Cream Posters have been a huge hit this fall. Our...
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Copa Mundial 2022

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 28/08/2022

This year provides Spanish teachers an opportunity that hasn’t happened ever and will likely not happen again… the world’s biggest sporting event will take place during the school year. Normally taking place in the summer, the controversial decision to host the soccer tournament in Qatar forced an unprecedented change of dates.

With the tournament kicking off November 20, 2022, we are less than 90 days away. It’s a perfect opportunity to have your students follow along with the World Cup, research teams, and learn about its history. And we have that all prepared for you in our Copa...

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March Música Madness 2022

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 18/02/2022

The anticipation is building. Hopefully you’ve got your bulletin board bracket put up and you’re previewed all 16 songs in our YouTube video and are now just waiting for the polls to open on Feb 28.

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Publicado en SpanishPlans el 16/01/2022

It’s back. Our 9th annual music competition is gearing up and we’ve got 16 songs that your students are going to love. This year we will be hosting a qualifying round in Jan/Feb of 4 songs to determine the last entry.

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