Common Ground: Second Language Acquisition Theory Goes to the Classroom







A major challenge in language teacher education is finding materials that clearly articulate the common ground among theoretical concepts, research findings, and classroom practices. This book aims to help educators make a direct connection between second language acquisition (SLA) principles and the reality of language classrooms. Rather than trying to address every aspect of SLA and pedagogy, which would result in an overwhelming amount of information, the goal of this book is to help world language educators understand how they can develop materials or implement classroom strategies that are informed by core principles of SLA. This book was authored with language educators in mind, first and foremost. Key concepts are explained in a straightforward way, as if the authors were having a conversation with the readers. Each chapter is divided into the following sections:

  • What Do I Need to Know? This section presents must-know information and concepts that should guide pedagogical practices. 
  • What Does It Look Like in the Classroom? This section provides several examples to help readers visualize how to apply the principles and ideas discussed in the first section.
  • Now That You Know: This section includes reflection, expansion, and application questions that could be used in a course, a reading group, or just to ignite a conversation via social media.

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