Language and Antiracism: An Antiracist Approach to Teaching (Spanish) Language in the USA







Beginning from the premise that being non-racist –and other 'neutral' positions– are inadequate in the face of a racist society and institutions, this book provides language educators with practical tools to implement antiracist pedagogy in their classrooms. It offers readers a solid theoretical grounding for its practical suggestions, drawing on work in critical race theory, critical sociolinguistics and language ideology to support its argument for antiracist pedagogy as a necessary form of direct action. The author contends that antiracist pedagogy is a crucial part of the project of decolonizing universities, which goes beyond tokenistic diversity initiatives and combats racism in institutions that have historically helped to perpetuate it. The author's pedagogical suggestions are accompanied by online resources which will help the reader to adapt and develop the material in the book for their own classrooms.   


Introduction: Antiracist Pedagogy Works!

Part 1: Race, Racism and Antiracism in the Language Classroom

Chapter 1. Introduction to Foundational Concepts for an Antiracist Approach to Language Teaching

Chapter 2. 'Trabajo más que un negro': An Ethnography of Racism Within a Spanish Department

Chapter 3: Let Us Talk About Race… and Language… and Power

Chapter 4: Pedagogical Foundations of SPC Units

Part 2: When, Where, How: Raising Antiracist Critical Linguistic Awareness in the Language Classroom Through Sociolinguistics-Informed Pedagogies

Chapter 5: Integrating SPCs in an Advanced (Spanish) Language Class

Chapter 6: Integrating SPCs in Different Curricular Settings

Chapter 7: The Students Talk: Testimonials from Participants in Antiracist Programs

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